Vigna Carbona is an old farmhouse located on the eastern side of Mount Calvo, an ancient auxiliary volcano of the largest Monte Amiata.-
Nearby there are woods whose shrubby and dense arboreal bushes form a thick and inextricable cover.
The inhabitants of the area, not being able to cultivate marshy land, devoted themselves to cutting the wood.
The obtained charcoal was transported to fields that were not ploughed, called Sodi.
Around the middle of 1800 my great- grandfather Armido started building, in this place, a small house, using stones collected from the ground and walled with very poor mortar.
We can still recognize the phases of the slow expansion of the house called Sodo della Carbona .- Subsequently his son Tommaso planted a vineyard, and the name of Vigna Carbona cames from this.
More recently my Dad Lio with my mom Oretta and myself started a complete renovation, using high quality materials and trying to keep as much as possible the original structure.
At the moment me and my family live in the main house taking care of the farmland and producing high quality olive oil that comes from ancient olive trees of excellent quality and from a new olive grove of about 500 trees, planted in 1997, for a total amount of about 800 olive trees .
Starting from this year is also available a small garden guest house, used as Agriturismo, deep in the olive grove and surrounded by horses and by the simple and fascinating nature of the Tuscan Maremma